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I have known and worked with Reggie for a number of years and seen him take teams and build winning professionals through the use of a disciplined, passionate approach to selling and to personal development. The Blueprint was co-authored over the years by demanding sales management, uninterested prospects, hard to read buyers, skeptical team members, and recalcitrant customers of all sorts. It is punctuated, however, by smiles, handshakes, contracts, commissions and success. Nothing in the Blueprint is theoretical; this book describes winning practices that have repeated themselves in numerous situations across many teams over a number of years.”

John Dupree, Senior Vice-President of Business Sales at Sprint

“The Blue Print is a sustainable model for surpassing desired sales results. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in further strengthening their desired sales goals read this book.”

– Mike Lanwehr, Regional Sales Director at Sprint Business Sales

“I was at risk of losing my job and was on a formal performance improvement plan. I went from the bottom to a top performer by simply executing the Blue Print. Bottom line — the Blue Print shaped how I do business.  Success, promotions, self confidence, income and personal satisfaction — every facet of my professional life has improved because of Reggie’s Blue Print.”

Joey Polk, Sales Manager at CenturyLink

“Reggie Marable’s Blue Print offers a proven, step-by-step process for envisioning, defining, creating, and maintaining sales success! The Blue Print can teach sales executives in any industry to envision success first, then execute like no other.” 

– Paul Reese, Client Executive at Sprint Business Sales

“I was a recent college graduate in a dead-end job. When given the opportunity to start a career in professional sales, I was a sponge and soaked up the Blue Print. Since I started my sales career at Sprint, I have NEVER missed quota! I have exceeded my sales quota for 54 consecutive months while making over half a million dollars in less than 4 years in sales commissions. I achieved President’s Club three consecutive years and was awarded lavish trips to Hawaii and the Palos Verdes Peninsula in California. You could call my success “luck” if you would like, but like the famous Roman philosopher Seneca says – “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” My preparation was executing the Blue Print!” 

– Lacie Garrett-Noe, Account Manager at Sprint Business Sales

“Reggie built a legacy of success due to his extreme discipline in executing the fundamentals in the Blue Print. These principles are time-tested and proven. I recommend this methodology for anyone that wants to be successful in a sales career and for sales leaders who want to transform the performance of their team.” 

Carolyn Rehling, Senior Vice President at ADP