What is the Blue Print?

The Blue Print is a combination of strategic, creative, and consistent methods to penetrate new markets, expand and strengthen existing customer relationships, and close more sales.  Bottom line, this game plan will help you MAKE MORE MONEY!!!!!!

The Blue Print will teach you the following essential skills: 

  1. Clever ways to land appointments
  2. Improve your telemarketing skills—the infamous “cold call”
  3. Effectively manage the entire sales cycle—from first appointment to closing the sale
  4. Build a Contact Plan—an organized process to penetrate new prospects
  5. Successful execution of the “DRIVE-BY”—most effective way to land an appointment with a new client
  6. Embrace the explosion of social networking tools
  7. Capture the force of the Written Thank You Card
  8. Leverage the power of the Administrative Assistant (AA)
  9. Improve your Questioning & Closing skills
  11. Build long-term relationships with your clients that lead to referrals and repeat business
  12. Do the simple things (Sales 101)—professional follow up after meetings, reading on a regular basis, preparing for appointments, etc.
  13. Utilize business tools to manage your daily sales activity
  14. Cultivate a strong professional network
  15. Find mentors
  16. Gain visibility within your organization
  17. STAY POSITIVE during tough times